This article is dedicated to featuring Gator Leak Detection: A Successful Business Development Story. Lou Tobia is a seasoned leak detection specialist and owner of Gator Leak Detection in Florida. He recently started using Pipepoxy, our new trenchless pipe repair system.

Lou and his team completed their first Pipepoxy job a couple of weeks ago. It was a fiberglass acrylic in-ground spa and it was unrepairable by cutting the bottom of the spa to access and repair the main drain line. Lou decided this job is a great candidate for Pipepoxy. The line was about 5 feet long running from the main drain to the skimmer so they coated the entire pipe with Pipepoxy and made the repair. While speaking with Lou about this repair job, he told us watching the process in the videos was helpful and sufficient to complete the job. He said: “It was very simple, no issues.”

Gator Leak Detection: A Successful Business Development Story

Gator Leak Detection also uses all of the LeakTronics Swimming Pool Leak Detection Equipment stating: “Pretty much everything you guys make, we use. We only do swimming pool leak detections, no plumbing jobs.” Lou also added he’s been doing leak detections since 2016. He started using the LeakTronics equipment and never used any other brand on the market. Lou visited Darren Merlob, owner of LeakTronics in Calabasas, Southern California where he received comprehensive training in person.

Using the Best Solutions for Leak Detection and Repairs

The go-to components are always the hydrophones. Lou and his team start the leak detection process using the Pool ScopePipe Mic, and Side Mic (SM-1). “That’s the first thing we do when listening to the pool.” Lou shared that for Florida-specific jobs, leak detection jobs he has worked on are mainly leaks between protrusions, between the PVC and the plaster, return pipes, main drains, vacuum lines, and lights. Using the LeakTronics hydrophones saves so much time searching for leaks. Lou says: “Without these hydrophones, it will be double the time.”

For structural crack repairs, Lou uses our Torque Lock staples sporadically. Some months, they get 4 to 5 pools, and other months they don’t get any jobs for structural crack repairs. They always watch the videos to follow the right process of staples installation. The most common and biggest jobs for Gator Leak Detection are “at the bond beams going down to the bottom of the pool, about 4 feet long. Typically 3 to 4 feet long.”

When asked about the Hand Held Video Pro 1.5-inch Camera, Lou said that his company only uses it to inspect pipes and back himself up by confirming the leak detection findings. He does not use it to find and pinpoint leaks. It also depends on the type of job. “It has been helpful with Pipepoxy, I think you need to have that to see how many turns you’re going and what you are coating. Get your eyes on it before you coat it, it definitely helps.”

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