Pipepoxy Case Study – Entombed Main Drain

This is a demonstration video of a Pipepoxy application we worked on recently in Bel Air, California. Another leak detection company had located the leak, however, we always prefer to double-check using our LeakTronics equipment. After confirming the leak was in the entombed main drain, we proceeded to the Pipepoxy trenchless pipe repair application. We were able to access the pipe from both sides of the drains as well as from the bottom, ensuring the whole pipe was coated and repaired.

Pipepoxy Case Study – Side Suction and Equipment Cleaning Process

Check out this demonstration video of the Pipepoxy application we completed recently in Bakersfield, California. Raytek Leak Detection had done a thorough leak detection and pinpointed the leak in the side suction using the LeakTronics equipment. We confirmed the location of the leak with our Hand Held Video Pro 1.5-inch Camera and proceeded to repair the lines with Pipepoxy. Check out the video to see how we prepare the pipe by sanding it. We then used the right size brush to coat the pipe and ended with blow drying it in as little as 4 hours. Don’t skip the last part of the video where we show you a thorough cleaning of the brushes and the Hand-Held Rotary Tool cable.

Cable Replacement for the Hand-Held Auger Tool

Here is a quick detailed demonstration video of how you can replace the Hand-Held Auger Tool cable by Pipepoxy. Follow the step-by-step process and you should be good to go!

Pipepoxy Equipment

Pipepoxy is a multi-product system that is used to either spot fix or re-coat an entire pipeline that is leaking. While this technology is not new, Pipepoxy uses its 3-step sanding, cleaning, and coating technology to access smaller diameter pipes ranging from 1”-2.5” which are most commonly found on swimming pools, fountains, ponds, and other water features.

Pipopoxy System Evolution

In this video, we tell you more about the Pipepoxy evolution and how we will be selling the pipe repair system. Most of the components included in the Pipepoxy System have been built and tested in-house. From design to running multiple tests of using the rotary tool in different pipe diameters using various sanding disks and brushes, we have done it all.

Successful Pipopoxy Job on a Spa

Here is a step-by-step demonstration video of a job one of our customers completed on a spa repair at a prestigious university in Malibu, CA. The spa repair using the Pipepoxy system. was successful and completed within hours without having to cut or dig.