Online Training is included and priced into your initial purchase.  It is highly recommended that you thoroughly complete the training before your first Pipepoxy application.  Our training programs are broken down into two separate packages.

Pipepoxy Application


Pipepoxy Application with Leak Detection Training


The Pipepoxy virtual training platform provides in-depth look at the Pipepoxy application as it is important that instructions are followed as directed.  The Pipepoxy Repair System is included with all the tools needed to apply Pipepoxy and comes with Accumix for approximately ten pipe repair applications.  In the course you will learn how each component in the kit is used and will also learn how to calculate the correct ratio of Accumix for maximum coverage.  Taking you from assembling your tools to coating the pipe, we cover all aspects of repairing the pipe without invasive measures.

Pipepoxy Application Training and Certification Course Outline

Measuring and Mixing Pipepoxy

  • How to calculate the correct amount of Accumix
  • Working temperatures for Pipepoxy
  • Proper mixing techniques

Equipment Review

  • Which drum to use
  • Which size brush to use
  • Proper brushing for complete coverage
  • Cleaning techniques and tips


  • Applying Pipepoxy Accumix
  • Proper drying times
  • Blowing the line dry

After the process

  • Re-test the line

Re-appying Pipepoxy

  • When it’s necessary
  • Coating a pipe when there is no leak


  • What you should charge

How to sell it

  • No cutting
  • No digging
  • No ugly deck patches – they will never match
  • The area of repair will actually be stronger than the stand alone pipe


  • Creating your Pipepoxy Application Contract
  • Sample contract on what Pipepoxy contractors should provide to their customers
  • Warranty


  • Recommendations on how to market this service locally
  • Using our Pipepoxy locator
  • Networking with other pool and leak professionals

Pipepoxy Online Course with Equipment  $9,400.00


This option comes with Pipepoxy Pipe Repair Installation Training with equipment and professional Leak Detection training with the leak detection equipment that LeakTronics founder Darren Merlob is known the world over for providing.

You will learn techniques and methods, shown using LeakTronics leak detection equipment.  Online Training can be applied to employees at your company or can be used to take the next step to stop outsourcing work and instead, get paid to provide professional leak detections AND trenchless pipe repair in-house.  Our virtual training platform and curriculum is all encompassing and remains available for you to reference after you’ve completed the course.

Online Pipepoxy Application Training with Swimming Pool Leak Detection Training and Certification Course Outline

Introduction to LeakTronics

  • Walk Thru of the shop-where we make equipment
  • Quick overview of the Complete Pro Kit
  • Powerpoint & voiceover of the course walk through

Best Practices

  • Leak detection introduction
  • 10 commandments of swimming pool leak detection
  • Taking phone calls and asking the right questions
  • Your new equipment vs others gear
  • Turning leak detection into paid repair work

The Pro Complete Leak Detection Kit

  • Total walk-thru of your Pro Complete Kit
  • Explanation of Components
  • Effective methods and use of your gear
  • How each piece excels in the field

In the Shell

  • Safety. Best practices for the best results
  • How to find leaks in the shell
  • Diving and Dye Testing when necessary
  • Static Pipe Testing
  • Dealing with Structural cracks and making permanent repairs


  • Pool Plumbing, “What makes it tick?”
  • How do pool plumbing systems work
  • Locating leaks within lines
  • Proper use of the F.L.A.S.H. System
  • Using camera technology to aid in leak detection

Case Studies

  • Cases, descriptions, and media
  • Examples of how to handle specific situations you may run into
  • Photos from our past trainees
  • Explanation of our technical support

Business & Marketing

  • Building a Website
  • Blogging and SEO
  • Setting up a Business Facebook, Yelp, and other helpful profiles
  • Using Analytics tools
  • Advertising
  • Networking

Pipepoxy Application Training with Equipment AND Leak Detection Training with Equipment   $14,900.00