It is highly recommended that you thoroughly complete the training before your first Pipepoxy application.  Our comprehensive training program is included in both the Pipepoxy Pro and Pipepoxy Pro Complete Kits.

Pipepoxy Application Training and Certification Course Outline

The Pipepoxy virtual training platform provides in-depth look at the Pipepoxy application as it is important that instructions are followed as directed.  The Pipepoxy Repair System is included with all the tools needed to apply Pipepoxy and comes with Accumix for approximately ten pipe repair applications.  In the course you will learn how each component in the kit is used and will also learn how to calculate the correct ratio of Accumix for maximum coverage.  Taking you from assembling your tools to coating the pipe, we cover all aspects of repairing the pipe without invasive measures.

Measuring and Mixing Pipepoxy

  • How to calculate the correct amount of Accumix
  • Working temperatures for Pipepoxy
  • Proper mixing techniques

Equipment Review

  • Which drum to use
  • Which size brush to use
  • Proper brushing for complete coverage
  • Cleaning techniques and tips


  • Applying Pipepoxy Accumix
  • Proper drying times
  • Blowing the line dry

After the process

  • Re-test the line

Re-appying Pipepoxy

  • When it’s necessary
  • Coating a pipe when there is no leak


  • What you should charge

How to sell it

  • No cutting
  • No digging
  • No ugly deck patches – they will never match
  • The area of repair will actually be stronger than the stand-alone pipe

Marketing and Business Process

  • Recommendations on how to market this service locally
  • Using our Pipepoxy locator
  • Networking with other pool and leak professionals