Every now and then, a routine leak detection unfolds into a full-blown repair job. This was precisely the case in a recent project where a main drain leak detection led us to execute a Pipepoxy trenchless pipe repair. It was all within the span of a single day. Check out this blog article on how a main drain leak detection turned into a trenchless pipe repair.

Detecting the Leak: The Role of Technology

The journey began with the suspicion of a leak in the main drain of a water feature. Our customer Terranova Pool Inspection used the components of our Swimming Pool Pro Complete Leak Detection Kit, like the pool scope, pipe mic, and side mic. These advanced hydrophones swiftly pinpointed the exact location of the leak, setting the stage for the subsequent repair work.

Choosing Pipepoxy: A Modern Repair Solution

Then, upon locating the leak, we decided this application was a great candidate for the Pipepoxy trenchless pipe repair system. Pipepoxy is known for its fast curing and versatile application, making it ideal for urgent and efficient repair work.

The Pipepoxy Process: Fast, Efficient, and Effective

Pipepoxy operates on a 3-step system, designed to either spot-fix or re-coat leaking sections of the pipeline. Here’s how we implemented it:

  1. Sanding: The first step involved meticulously sanding the affected area to ensure a smooth surface for the subsequent steps.
  2. Coating: We applied the Pipepoxy Accumix. This innovative technology adheres strongly to the pipe, sealing the leak effectively.
  3. Drying: Next, we thoroughly dry the pipe, it may take up to 4 hours.

Advantages of Pipepoxy

Pipepoxy is particularly adept at accessing smaller diameter pipes ranging from 1” to 2.5”. Consequently, it is great candidate for swimming pools, spas, fountains, ponds, and other water features. This versatility was crucial in our project, as it allowed for a swift and precise repair of the main drain.

The Result: A Job Well Done

From leak detection to repair completion, the entire process was carried out within the same day. Therefore, it demonstrates the efficiency and effectiveness of Pipepoxy. Not only did we address the leak, but we also reinforced the integrity of the pipeline. The repair caused minimal disruption.



Simplicity and Efficiency in Plumbing Repairs

This project stands as a testament to how advancements in plumbing technology can transform a complex problem into a manageable task. Pipepoxy’s innovative approach simplifies the repair process, ensuring quick and reliable results.

For those facing similar issues with water features, our experience shows that with the right tools and techniques, like the LeakTronics kit and Pipepoxy system, leak detection and repair can be surprisingly straightforward. Check out our journey to see just how easy it can be to turn a potential plumbing nightmare into a hassle-free repair job.