One question our potential customers ask is if we have a product to repair pipes without destruction. This is “trenchless pipe repair” and it’s making waves in the world of plumbing and pool repair. Imagine a world where you don’t have to destroy your client’s backyard and expensive pool in order to properly fix a leak in a pipe. Trenchless pipe repair makes this possible, and our product Pipepoxy is the perfect tool to make trenchless pipe repair easy to implement into your leak detection business. After 30 years of answering customers’ calls, LeakTronics creates a new product.

What is Trenchless Pipe Repair?

Pool pipes may corrode or fracture over time, requiring maintenance. You could believe that the only solution is to excavate a sizable trench and expose the damaged pipe. The client’s deck may be destroyed throughout this pricey, dirty, and harmful operation, and you’ll be left scrambling to fix the residual damage once you fix the line in question. Fortunately, as time goes on, this approach becomes less and less relevant as trenchless technology gains ground.

Trenchless pipe repair technology is fundamentally a group of techniques that allow contractors to drill little to no holes in the ground. All they need to do is identify the closest point of entry to conduct the repair. Doing so is made easy by starting with pinpointing the accurate location of the leak. There are very few safe and economical techniques that won’t harm your property and can repair, replace, or install water lines. Pipepoxy is one such technique and product that can make a trenchless pipe repair a breeze.

Save Time and Money When Repairing Leaks

How Pipepoxy Can Help

Pipepoxy is a revolutionary product that makes trenchless pipe repair possible. Our proprietary product leaves pipes stronger than before. When it comes to pool leaks, 95% of leaks are located in pipes that are about three feet from the edge of the water. Using Pipepoxy for leaks like this reduces damage, mess, and stress. Not only that, but using Pipepoxy also conserves water, as there is no need to drain pools to conduct repairs to the plumbing.

This is so much better for the environment, and it keeps the water bill low for your customers. Just as well, the lack of cutting and mess also makes cleanup much easier on your crew and your customers as well.

Pipepoxy was developed by an industry leader in leak detection equipment manufacturing, LeakTronics. Although not entirely new, the Pipepoxy trenchless pipe repair is new to the swimming pool industry. With the use of this technology, contractors can finally fix plumbing and pipe holes, breaks, and separations during subterranean pool repair projects. Following application, pools will be operational after a six-hour repair process. The repairs will require a full day for the majority of pools and plumbing. This technique significantly cuts down on the wait time and labor work.

How Pipepoxy Works

The Pipepoxy process is quite simple:

  1. Find your leak using pressure testing and our other leak detection equipment.
  2. Blow the pipe using a vacuum and dry it out.
  3. Sand down the inside of the pipe to prime it, give it some grip and prepare it before the application.
  4. Blow away any debris inside of the pipe from sanding it down.
  5. Inject the Pipepoxy 3-part Accumix after using our Mixing Chart and calculating precisely how much you will need to coat the whole pipe.
  6. Coat the inside of the pipe using the proper brush size.
  7.  Allow it to dry thoroughly for several hours using the blower.
  8. Test the pipe to confirm that Pipepoxy has fixed the leak using the pressure testing kit.

It doesn’t get easier than that!

Start Your Leak Detection Career with Pipepoxy

At Pipepoxy, we’re proud to provide trenchless pipe repair supplies to leak detection professionals around the world. We understand how important it is to make it possible for pool pipe repair specialists to repair pool leaks without cutting, digging, patching, or making a massive mess for clients. We also understand the importance of training leak detection specialists on how to use our product safely, which is why we offer training courses on how to become a Pipepoxy Certified Training Technician. Get in touch with our team today to learn more about what Pipepoxy’s product and training can do for your leak repair business!