Pipepoxy made The Pool Magazine’s Hottest New Pool Products of 2022 and it is revolutionizing how people repair leaks in their pools. With its top-of-the-line equipment, materials, and easy installation, this innovative product offers unbeatable durability and usability. Whether you are looking to coat, seal, or patch your swimming pool pipe leaks, Pipepoxy has you covered!

Not only is it incredibly long-lasting with minimal maintenance required, but it also costs significantly less than other similar products on the market. Plus, Pool Magazine has given it its stamp of approval, so you know that when you choose Pipepoxy, your money will be well spent!

Let’s take a look at the main features that stand out when it comes to Pipepoxy:

Pool Magazine gave Pipepoxy high marks for its innovative design

Pipepoxy has changed the game when it comes to repairing leaks in your pools. It has a three-part system that allows you to repair your pipes without invasive measures. Just imagine the convenience of sealing leaks with no digging and no cutting! Pretty cool, right?

The system has an easy three-step technology: sanding, cleaning, and coating. This allows the Pipepoxy equipment to have access to pipes with smaller diameters. The design of the Pipepoxy is also aimed at helping you have an easy installation process. It’s so practical that you could effortlessly do the installation all by yourself without outsourcing. You cannot find such convenience in any other product.

Pipepoxy easy installation will save you time and money

Maximum efficiency is what Pipepoxy aims to achieve, and it delivers just that. With its easy installation and use, you’ll end up saving way more than with conventional appliances. Since the equipment allows for the trenchless pipe repair, there is no digging or cutting of the pipe system.

Pool Magazine even notes that a skilled swimming pool specialist who uses Pipepoxy can get the whole process done in about five hours. They would take an hour to repair the pipe system and about four hours for drying.

The contractor can then do a follow-up the next day. This duration is significantly shorter than the 10-15 hours that would originally be spent doing the same amount of work. What a time and money saver!

Pipepoxy Kit Comes with Application Training

This is another selling point of this product. Like other products of Leaktronics, the Pipepoxy kits also include online Pipepoxy Application Training. The comprehensive online training platform has a thorough course that equips you with the know-how to do it yourself.

You’ll be guided through the following:

  • Measuring and mixing different Pipepoxy components
  • A review of the equipment
  • The drying process
  • The re-application process
  • The pricing process to know what to charge
  • Selling points of Pipepoxy
  • Tips on marketing and running the business

After taking this course, you’ll be ready to take on any trenchless pipe repair that is thrown at you.

The Parting Shot

Pool Magazine just confirmed to everyone that with Pipepoxy, despite being relatively new in the market, you’re getting full value for your money. We at LeakTronics offer intense hands-on and online training to help you understand your leak detection equipment and provide the best service to your customers.

Choose us today and get value for your money! For more information, give us a call at 818-436-2953 or send us an email at info@leaktronics.com.