Leak Detection contractors know all too well how complex and difficult an underground pool plumbing repair job can be. Such repair jobs require a significant amount of cutting and destruction of concrete, tiles, and other materials. LeakTronics is proud to announce a potential new solution to this problem. Our new Pipepoxy pipe repair: no cutting, no digging! The Pipepoxy kit helps leak detection specialists repair underground pool plumbing leaks without cutting or destroying concrete, tiles, and other surfaces. This new system will make your job less invasive and less messy.

Contractors can finally use this technology to repair holes, broken, and separated plumbing and pipes during underground pool repair jobs. The process of this new technology takes six hours and pools will be functional right after application. Usually, the setting requires a full day for most structural or plumbing repair jobs for pools. With this technology, that wait time is drastically reduced.

Pipepoxy Pipe Repair Perfected

Our new packages will include all of the components needed by leak detection specialists for diagnosing leaks and damages, the pipe cleaning process, coating needs, pressure testing requirements, and the leak detection camera system to verify leaks are repaired properly. This all-in-one system is the first of its kind in the swimming pool leak detection industry! There will also be a training course to ensure contractors learn the proper way of using the Pipepoxy system.

The team at LeakTronics has been working on this project for years and now it is finally coming to fruition. We plan on releasing this new product as a package deal and will be offering it to existing LeakTronics and Torque Lock customers first. As our long-standing customers, we want to make sure you have access to this new release before anyone else does. We want you to be the go-to person for trenchless pipe repairs.

We know you probably have a lot of questions so we created a Pipepoxy FAQ. You can expect the launch of Pipepoxy in the next three to four months. To find out more about how the Pipepoxy system works, check out We Have Something New! Pipepoxy Pipe Repair: No Cutting, No Digging! You can also visit www.Pipepoxy.com.

You can be the first to get your hands on this revolutionary new leak detection product! Keep an eye on our product pages and promotional emails from LeakTronics.