Sometimes, a product comes along that really excites consumers in a particular industry. And sometimes, that product will rouse a lot of excitement before its launch. This is definitely what we’re experiencing with our newest product, the Pipepoxy Pipe Repair System. Homeowners are now requesting Pipepoxy repairs and here is why.

Pipepoxy is Coming Soon and Homeowners Are Requesting It

At Pipepoxy, our goal is to develop product products that make pool pipe repair easier. That’s why we developed the Pipepoxy Pipe Repair System. We have not even launched our Pipepoxy Pipe Repair System yet, and we are already receiving calls and emails from homeowners requesting trenchless pool pipe repair!

What is Pipepoxy?

So what is the Pipepoxy Pipe Repair System? Pipepoxy helps leak detection specialists repair underground pool plumbing leaks, all without cutting or destroying vital materials such as concrete, tiles, and other surfaces.

The components included in the Pipepoxy kits will help contractors make pool and plumbing repairs without having to dig and potentially damage the foundation of the pool. On average, experienced contractors can get the job done within four or five hours and come back the next day for a follow-up visit. This is pretty incredible when compared to the average 7 to 10 hours of cutting concrete, making repairs, and patching repairs, which often results in terrible cosmetic variations.

With Pipepoxy, homeowners are spared the expensive cost and headache of finding matching tiles. They’ll also avoid the mess made by cutting and digging under concrete by contractors. This is pretty big news for leak repair specialists who want to pull in new clients!

When Will Pipepoxy Be Released?

As of now, we are finalizing the last steps of the product launch and plan to release Pipeproxy in the next four months. We will formally announce when Pipepoxy is released in the coming months. Once we launch Pipepoxy and start selling the system to swimming pool contractors, we will be referring all consumers and homeowners requesting Pipepoxy repair to the contractors using Pipepoxy in their area.

With Pipepoxy, contractors will be able to take on more repair jobs that don’t require long periods of commitment. We’ll also offer application training for contractors who want to learn how to use our repair system properly. 

Want to learn more about Pipepoxy? Visit or check out our YouTube Channel for updates.